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SMS marketing, SMS marketing platform

The marketing effect of simply sending SMS messages is limited, because customers need accurate customer resources and edited SMS content, and there is no way to follow up the intended customers in time. You can consider configuring a customer communication system. Through the Qiyuan customer service system, it can be used as the automatic sales department of the enterprise, and can automatically promote customers 24 hours a day, allowing customers to sit at home with national precision customers, rich big data customers and first-hand resources, push product information through SMS, email, TikTok, phone call, search SEO, quickly obtain customers, save costs, and quickly seize the market!!! If necessary, you can contact Qiyuan customer service! With Qiyuan customer service, the boss only needs to focus on the conversion and transaction. Qiyuan customer service will automatically expand customers for 24 hours.

The promotion and promotion of products, services and brand image by means of SMS can be said to be SMS Advertising Marketing.

Mobile and Unicom are married??

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It is definitely not good. Now network marketing and TV media marketing are more dominant, and the development of SMS Advertising Marketing has no prospect!

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