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International Marketing Case, International Marketing-Case Study Report

What do you do? If you have something to say, don’t set other people’s majors here. Knowledge is knowledge, and asking for help is asking for help. There is no point. There is a fog in the clouds. Unreliable……

I. Cultivate and guide consumption & nbsp;& nbsp; Products should not only meet the demand, but also guide and cultivate the demand, such as “Have you washed your hair?” — Let me help you wash it.” Can you wash your hair?” — Let me teach you to wash. “Did you wash well?” — I’ll tell you how to wash better. Procter & Gamble, just like a gentle wife, is attached to her husband. It is not only good at persuading each other, but also practicing it; It not only listens to her face, but also works like a flow of kindness. P & G not only teaches people to wash their hair, but also teaches generation after generation to brush their teeth in China. While obtaining economic benefits, the social benefits obtained are unprecedented and even more Long-term, from advocating new ideas of shampoo to guiding more shampoo, from brushing teeth reasonably to choosing toothpaste scientifically, from washing hands frequently to sterilization, etc., to guide the changes of Chinese consumers’ life concepts and habits, and to make healthy lifestyle, the brand-new health concept and credible health products are given to consumers together. Consumers first accept them with some respect, and then worship very piously. II. Scientific naming and brand image; P & G is very particular about brand naming. They are well versed in an appropriate and wonderful brand naming, which can greatly reduce the resistance of products to be recognized by consumers, It can stimulate customers’ beautiful Association, enhance customers’ affinity and trust for products, and greatly save the cost of product promotion. Procter & Gamble Company names the product brand through precise selection or combination of English names (words), so that Chinese names and English names can be coordinated and coordinated with pronunciation, it accurately reflects the characteristics of the product, the brand image to be shaped and the consumption positioning, and enhances the brand image, such as Pampers and safeguard. Of course, advertising is essential. Procter & Gamble’s annual advertising expenses account for 1/8 of the total annual sales. On the one hand, through advertising on TV, Internet and magazines; On the other hand, through the recruitment of image spokespersons nationwide, set up scholarships in colleges and universities and engage in public welfare activities with relevant national departments to improve brand awareness. At the same time, in order to occupy the terminal consumer market, Procter & Gamble Company has carried out nationwide roadshow activities in rural areas. In cities, Procter & Gamble’s products are displayed in supermarkets and shopping malls very carefully, it occupies a large shelf space and is easy to attract consumers’ attention. Through advertising, the brand’s popularity and reputation are effectively improved. Third, knowledge marketing knowledge marketing refers to the enterprise injecting knowledge content into the marketing process, helping the vast number of consumers to increase commodity knowledge and improve the quality of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of selling commodities and expanding the market. P & G’s knowledge marketing is very typical, creating a series of concepts in the marketing process. In shampoo and hair care products, this marketing concept has been applied to the extreme, and each brand has given certain knowledge, Create a concept to give each brand a personality. For example, the personality of “Haifei silk” lies in removing dandruff; The personality of “Pan Ting” lies in the nutrition and health care of hair; While the personality of “REJOICE” is to make hair smooth and smooth; “Sassoon” is positioned to regulate water and nutrition; “Runyan” is positioned to be darker and more viable. In advertising, the application of knowledge and concepts is also vividly shown. & nbsp;& nbsp; Look at the advertisement of Haifei Silk: Haifei silk shampoo, sea blue packaging, first of all, it reminds people of Wei blue sea, bringing fresh and cool visual effect, “dandruff goes nowhere, the slogan of cleaner hair further establishes the belief of” Haifei silk “to remove dandruff in consumers’ minds; Look at Pan Ting:” rich Vitamin B5 can penetrate from hair root to hair tip, supplement Nutrition to make your hair healthy and shiny “highlights the nutritional personality of Pan Ting; REJOICE:” containing silk to moisten hair, shampoo and hair care are completed at a time, the slogan of making the hair elegant and smooth with the picture of a girl shaking her hair like silk deepened consumers’ impression of the elegant and smooth effect of “REJOICE. Through accurate market segmentation and positioning, the entry of competitors is effectively blocked. However, the implementation of knowledge marketing makes the brand have distinct personality and enhances the core value of the brand.; Fourth, interest appeal and emotional appeal; Interest appeal is to deduce the concept from the efficacy of the brand; Emotional appeal deducts the concept from the emotional connection with consumers. P & G’s advertising appeal pays great attention to interests, such as “Crest” and the national dental prevention group to promote the concept of “root anti-moth” teeth prevention and tooth protection; “safeguard” and the Chinese Medical Association to promote “health, sterilization, the concept of Skin Care”; The concept of “anti-dandruff, health and smoothness” of shampoo, etc. This is all the interest demands of the brand. In addition, P & G’s brand has also strengthened its emotional appeal. For example, in the last two years, the concept of confidence has been launched REJOICE, from “REJOICE quarrel”, from the REJOICE teacher chapter to the current REJOICE conductor chapter, REJOICE advertisements have taken confidence as the appeal point of the brand. In addition, REJOICE also launched a series of activities such as “REJOICE confidence College”, “multiple challenges”, “same confidence”, “new employees in the workplace”, “speak out your confidence”, etc, the concept of “self-confidence” is interpreted to be perfect. In terms of advertising communication, especially TV advertising, P & G has a set of successful formulas. First of all, P & G will first point out a problem you are facing to attract your attention. Then, the advertisement will quickly tell you that there is a solution, that is, P & G’s products, this product usually appears several times in the whole advertisement. The key point of the advertisement is to clearly emphasize what benefits Procter & Gamble can bring to you. Through the organic combination of interest demands and emotional demands, it has greatly improved the cultural connotation of the brand. V. Brand Manager P & G’s brand strategy not only makes the company have a good image and high reputation in the society, but also cultivates a large number of loyal customers and obtains high customer satisfaction, it has won a competitive advantage for the company’s sustainable development. Procter & Gamble is the first company in the world to launch a brand manager system, that is, “one person is responsible for a brand”. Brand managers are responsible for their own brands, It must be understood better than anyone in the company. Through the implementation of the business strategy of multi-brand and category management, P & G forms competition within its own products, make P & G products occupy an absolute leading position in the consumer goods market. VI. Corporate citizens for 19 years, P & G has been playing the role of a qualified corporate citizen in China, and the total amount of donations to various public welfare undertakings in China has exceeded 60,000

Starting from 4p, product price distribution and promotion, in addition, the marketing environment, Macro and Micro Macro, there will be population, economy, nature, politics, culture, Micro, the internal environment of the enterprise, and the analysis of different markets. There will be sales markets. Organize the segmentation of the market product itself. What else can I ask? Thank you. But it still depends on the specific case. It involves that aspect.

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