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Search engine ranking optimization, the key to search engine ranking optimization

SEO refers to making the basic elements of a website suitable for Search Engine retrieval principles and more user-Friendly by adopting reasonable means that are easy for Search Engine indexing (Search Engine Friendly), therefore, it is easier to be included and prioritized by search engines and subordinate to SEM (search engine marketing). SEO means search engine optimization in Chinese. Popular understanding is: by summarizing the ranking rules of search engines, optimize the website reasonably, improve the ranking of your website and Google, and let search engines bring you customers. The profound understanding is that through SEO, a set of marketing ideas based on search engines, it provides ecological self-marketing solutions for websites, allowing websites to occupy a leading position in the industry, thus obtaining brand benefits. Search engines collect information from the Internet according to certain strategies and specific computer programs, and provide users with retrieval services after organizing and processing the information, the system that displays information related to user retrieval to users. To learn SEO, you must first understand what a search engine is. Search engines include full-text indexing, Directory indexing, meta search engines, vertical search engines, aggregate search engines, Portal search engines, and free link lists.

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I. Regional correlation restrictions on IP environment, and IP clicks in non-local areas are not scored (PS: some industries have this restriction, such as regional tourism industry websites, for example, Shanghai travel agency must need local IP clicks in Shanghai, otherwise no points will be added. If you use IP clicks from other places for many times, not only no points will be added, but also the website will be blacklisted, therefore, why does many friends have no effect when swiping the ranking? First check whether the IP environment is normal). Under the same IP address, click the same website, and the score of the same keyword can be calculated up to three times. Second, the traffic entry multi-browser gets higher scores, especially search and Sogou (PS: many friends are brushing the ranking, but the effect is not good, because if you use a browser alone, long-term clicking even if you switch the IP address to click will cause the suspicion of cheating, resulting in a decline in ranking). In addition to different browsers, you also need to pay attention to the URL of the traffic entry Source. When making quick ranking clicks, you need to pay attention to different url sources to enter the search (such as good 123 navigation, 2345 navigation, etc, the more natural the traffic entry will make search engines feel that your click data is more real). Third, cross-page click cross-page click secondary search is valid (one search cross-page is invalid, two or three cross-page search is effective), so when clicking, for example, optimize the keyword “SEO”, then when clicking, search for SEO tutorials, SEO training and searches with high relevance to the main word, then search for the main word and then click on the page, which is more natural and real for search engine optimization records.

1) install the Alexa toolbar, or install the Firefox plug-in under SearchStatus. And set your Blog as the default homepage, so every time you open the browser, Alexa statistics will start to work. 2) put the widget of Alexa ranking statistics on the Blog. When it is clicked, it is equivalent to Alexa counting a PV, even if the user does not install the Alexa toolbar. 3) if possible, install Alexa toolbar on your company or office computer. 4) leave your link when posting posts in the webmasters Forum. Generally, webmasters install Alexa more. When they visit your website, it will certainly help. 5) Use the Alexa redirection function. When you leave a message, you can leave a link like this:? url = www. When a user clicks this link, it is equivalent to adding a PV to your website and is counted by Alexa, even if the browser he uses does not have Alexa at all. 6) add an Alexa category to your website and put all the articles about Alexa in it, so that the webmaster will have a greater chance to come to your website, and your ranking will certainly be easy to rise. 7) find the most popular articles on your website, add the Alexa link, or use the redirect mentioned in point 5 to link to your own internal articles. 8) provide some webmaster tools (such as the webmaster tools provided by the webmaster station), so that the webmaster will often visit and improve your Alexa ranking, for example, Google PageRank Checker in SEO online tools is a good example. Some of the tools of webmasters are also collected online and not completely original, so download and search on webmasters. University of Science and Technology aorui experimental teaching | Laboratory construction | Scenic area informatization | IT service software outsourcing

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