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Corporate marketing planning, corporate marketing planning book template

Now it is really not easy to find a better company to do enterprise marketing planning. It is not enough to have experience alone. It is also necessary to have a better understanding of the company’s positioning and development prospects. At that time, our company also saw several planning companies in Ningbo. I always felt that the plan was not very satisfactory, but my friend introduced Zhisen to me,

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In the art of war, it is often said that “strategize and win thousands of miles away”, which is about the importance of overall arrangement and planning before doing something. In the modern commercial war, especially in the field of marketing, effective and Zhou Mi’s planning is the most important work, for the following reasons. 1. The implementation and effectiveness of marketing planning greatly promote the marketing and even operation of enterprises, and at the same time, it often enhances the corporate culture and corporate image. 2. Marketing planning promotes the healthy and orderly development of various marketing work, among which planning, organization, coordination, inspection and control all need to be considered and planned. Therefore, the marketing plan is to make the whole marketing work focused and effective. 3. Marketing planning can make marketing activities more effective. The improvement of consumers’ quality makes them have more essential understanding and perspectives for marketing. With the improvement of consumer requirements, the requirements for marketing strategies and methods are also correspondingly improved. 4. Marketing planning can make marketing investors more effective and reduce unnecessary expenses. Because the planning should fully consider the effects of cost input, profit and marketing activities, it can make the marketing budget scientific and guarantee the marketing work scientifically, so as to make the marketing work continue. The development of enterprise marketing has also created necessary conditions for enterprises to engage in marketing planning. First of all, some business leaders have a clear understanding of the role of marketing and are also interested in marketing planning. Secondly, the Planning (marketing) department has gradually understood and mastered certain marketing methods and strategies in the long-term marketing experience. Thirdly, enterprises have many connections with advertising companies, marketing companies and planning companies. All these indicate that marketing is on a par with other means of communication. According to the statistics of foreign experts, 10 years ago, the ratio of advertising to marketing was about 60: 40. Now, in many small consumer goods industries, this ratio is reversed, marketing accounts for 60% to 70% of the total budget. The average annual growth of marketing expenses is 12%, while advertising is 7.6%. In 1985, the total marketing expenses of all industries exceeded 85 billion US dollars, and its rapid growth rate is expected to continue. The above analysis shows that in today’s increasingly fierce market competition, marketing, as an effective promotion tool, has continuously improved its status and strengthened its importance, marketing planning has its different emphasis and operation mode.

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