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Pharmaceutical marketing network, pharmaceutical marketing website

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Just go online and have a look, don’t you know? There should be an agent.

The website of China Agricultural marketing network has been successfully opened. The project “China agricultural marketing network” was initiated by the agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic economy Association (hereinafter referred to as “association”) in Caofeidian district, Tangshan city, Hebei province, and officially passed the examination and certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in December, 2012, entrusted Beijing Zhongqi Power Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the preliminary website production. China Agricultural Marketing Network website is a large-scale agricultural e-commerce trading platform covering the whole country. It is the window of agricultural marketing and the channel and platform for communication between the public and agriculture. It is helpful for promoting agricultural marketing, it is of great significance to promote agricultural construction, standardize farmers’ production, improve agricultural quality and agricultural informatization, fully fulfill agricultural responsibilities and maintain stable and healthy development of economic undertakings. The website has a standardized operation system, a standardized integrity marketing system for agricultural products, and is marked by the membership number to establish a traceability mechanism for commodity terminals and a sound agricultural logistics system,? Website?????

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