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Blog outside the chain, blog outside the chain publishing tool

A song has many connections, but the network stability of each song is different. Just like downloading songs online, it is better to find a relatively stable and hot connection.

Come and learn, blog depends on raising, and external chain is also necessary… View the original post>> adopt

Two days ago, xiao zuo wrote about ways to add external links to industry websites. In fact, the methods mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg, and more methods need to be explored by everyone. Today, I want to tell you how to add external links to blog websites. When we write our own blog, we pay attention to original content and quality content. If we do not pay attention to external promotion, our blog quality weight will not be too high. In the past, when I synchronized the two, every time I published a log, GOOGLE could receive it in seconds and collect it the next day. But later, my blog was also updated slowly. I didn’t update it for a few days or even a month. Recently, I updated several articles with a little sense of content. The weight is not so high. Even if the original source is here, it is very slow to collect and GG, and some of them take 2 days to collect. Some network “friends” also reprinted and changed their names to say their original source, and found that their collection was faster than mine. Therefore, to cultivate blog weight, website weight is not overnight and needs to be done for a long time. Now I will sort out the following six methods to improve the weight of blogs. The method may have been heard, read, or even done, but how many people can stick to it? Including me, I didn’t stick to it. First, social bookmarks. With the diversified development of the Internet, search engines such as google pay more attention to the diversity of links. When we promote websites, we cannot be the same as before. We can only rely on friendship links and other methods. Web 2.0 is required. For example, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, DIG, etc. It can not only bring traffic, but also bring high-quality external links. Second, Secondary blog. It is called Article Distribution abroad “. I like to call it a sub-blog, which is what we often call a third-party site. We can apply for some webmasters or some celebrity columns. Then publish some or simultaneously publish the content of your own blog. It is recommended to talk about different content of the blog, because we need to use the following method for the content of the blog. Once your article is resonated with everyone, of course, we should leave the address of our blog in the article so as to better promote our blog. Perhaps after being reprinted, you can also obtain the spread of links. If your article is recommended on the homepage, more traffic and celebrity charm. Third, improve the news source of articles. This is different from the second point. It does not need to be written separately. Unlike blogs, we can wait until the blog article search engine is behind the road and then forward it to high-quality websites for more diffusion. Be sure to wait for your website to be included, otherwise the search engine will think you are reprinted. Recently, I have only submitted several articles to CHINAZ and found that A5 is unfair to me now. It is obviously original and released at the first time. It has not been reviewed by me. So I won’t go. Fourth, blog comments. Blog comments on ways to improve external links, and now everyone is imitating several famous blogs. And the effect is very good. But it requires a lot of energy. The method of hard work promotion. If you are targeting your external link, you don’t need to publish it every day. If you still want to be popular every day, you still need to go to Gai Lou after releasing a new log in the United States.

1. Is the blog chain useful? The answer is useful. 2. How to check whether the search engine includes your blog? Here are several methods for you. In fact, the external chain is one aspect, and the internal chain is also very important. The internal chain is an enterprise station I made. Currently, the ranking is very good, but you can refer to it. Let me tell you how many methods are there:?? a: enter your article title directly in the search engine. If it is found, it proves that it has been included and the outer chain is valid. Is this method slow?? B: faster, double quotation marks with the title of your blog article?? c:intitle: the title of your blog article?? d:ititle: “” the title of your blog article is the fastest and most accurate.

The suggestion is to make some forums or post bars, and bring the links that can be brought with you. The number is dozens every day! If you don’t have resources, buy a locomotive outer chain expert. There are tens of thousands of outer chain resources here, which is quite good. If no resources are available

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