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Jianzhan treasure box, Jianzhan treasure box FanKe

We recommend that you use the website-building express platform ( developed by Kunming chief Internet to help you build a website in 30 minutes without knowing the code. You can also create a website of your own enterprise.

Huayu resources are good. If you want to use the website building treasure box, you can use the website building treasure box. If you use it, they also provide CMS Templates for free. Enterprise website building can save a lot of money.

The threshold of website construction is not high. As long as you have three elements, you can build a website, namely: website domain name, website space and website program. It is easy to build a website, but it is not a simple thing to do a website well. It requires a lot of energy to maintain and optimize the website in the later period to achieve the effect. The process of the company’s website construction: 1. Apply for a domain name; 2. Apply for space; 3. Locate the website; 4. Analyze website functions and requirements (website planning); 5. Website style design; 6. Website code production; 7. Test website; 8.FTP upload website; 9. Perfect materials (filing); 10. Website promotion and maintenance. I hope my answer is helpful to you, please adopt it, thank you ~

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